28 04, 2021

Where can I find the latest hotel information?


The latest information about the Klosterhotel is posted on the Himmelsbote page and on Facebook, Instagram or in our newsletter.

Where can I find the latest hotel information?2021-12-03T12:36:56+00:00
28 04, 2021

Is the Klosterhotel run by monks?


The Klosterhotel is a significant part of the Ettal Klosterbetriebe GmbH and it is managed by the monastery’s monks. The Klosterhotel is run by Ms von Külmer.

Is the Klosterhotel run by monks?2021-12-03T12:39:18+00:00
28 04, 2021

Is there a shuttle service?


The Klosterhotel does not offer a shuttle service. However, we are just a 1-minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

Is there a shuttle service?2021-12-03T12:46:56+00:00
28 04, 2021

Can I speak to a monk in the monastery?


Meetings with the monastery’s host father or another monk can be arranged over the monastery gates, which are situated next to the basilica.

Can I speak to a monk in the monastery?2021-12-03T12:51:32+00:00
28 04, 2021

Where is the nearest castle?


Linderhof Palace is situated in the heart of the Ammergau Alps, 12 kilometres from the Klosterhotel, and is one of the palaces built by King Ludwig II.

Where is the nearest castle?2021-12-03T12:54:00+00:00
11 05, 2021

How far is it to the church?


The church is situated in the Ettal monastery grounds and is situated on the opposite side of the road to the Klosterhotel Ettal. It can be easily reached on foot in around 3 minutes.

How far is it to the church?2021-12-03T12:57:39+00:00
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